Collab # 2: Makeup inspired by Marcel Duchamp.

For Sandy’s take :

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So when Sandy told me the next piece she wanted to base our project on was Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ I thought she was crazy. How the fuck would I create a makeup look based off of the most famous urinal ever known?


I’ve studied Marcel Duchamp many times in art school and I’ve always had a respect for him. He was the pioneer behind the found objects movement and fought against the conformity of the gallery system. I wracked my brain figuring out how I could even attempt to put that sort of deep conceptualism into my makeup look, and while I know I have a long way to go as an artist and as a makeup artist, I decided to emulate his need to think outside of the box.


So…I decided to challenge myself and do my eye makeup with a spoon and let me tell you it was not fucking easy.

I won’t lie using cream products helped a bit, I used colourpop cosmetics 90210 shadow as a base. I did attempt to use some powder shadows like my makeup forever by scraping some in the pan to make it apply like a loose powder. I did the same thing by using my smashbox cosmetics cover shot palette in the crease… Though I had one hell of a time trying to blend that out with the end of a spoon. I even tried to apply my blush and highlight with the back end of a spoon. I used Mac’s Desert rose blush on my cheeks with Becca’s Moonstone liquid highlight.

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